# 213: Cooling off in the gardens of the Emirs

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# 213: Cooling off in the gardens of the Emirs

Idea # 213 – Visit the Alhambra in Granada

Grenade is part of the triangle Andalou, with Seville and Cordoba. It was the capital of the last Muslim kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula, finally conquered in 1492 by the Christians.  Important cultural and tourist center , Granada is home to the famous Alhambra Palace entered the list World Heritage UNESC . The set covers the fortified plateau overlooking the modern city of Granada. It includes a thirteenth-century fortress, the Alcazaba , the famous palace of Nasrid emirs of the twelfth to fifteenth century on Summer Palace Generalife and gardens, and palace of Charles V, bnuilt in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Come on, visit, and you can enjoy the freshness of the gardens …


Where is it?

Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

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