#377: Diving with a Napoleon Wrasse

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#377: Diving with a Napoleon Wrasse

mvIdée #377 – Diving with a Napoleon Wrasse

The Napoleon or huge wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus) is a species of large-sized fishes which can reach 2,30 m of length. It is present in tropical waters of Indian Ocean, Red Sea, up to the islands of the center of Pacific Ocean. Its appearance is massive, its body is restrained laterally. The male adult possesses a prominent bump on the forehead, reminding the shape of one cocked hat. The terminal mouth is big, fleshy and can be thrown forwards to get food. Eyes are relatively small and spherical. The adult is generally olive green with on the sides of numerous vertical black lines and a network of yellowish marblings on the head. The Napoleon moves in the water mainly by means of his pectoral fins. It appreciates the slopes of master passes or reef lagoons; we can meet it until 100 m of depth. In the day, this territorial animal has a solitary activity. The species, threatened enough, is protected locally, in particular in Australia, in the Philippines, in the Maldive Islands, in Palaos and in New Caledonia.


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