Adventure, user manual

What’s the concept?

Searching for ideas ? Want to travel all around the world ? Waiting for new sensations ? Do you prefer an exotic, romantic, extreme trip ? CameraOnBoard and 1,000 ideas of adventure, updated on a weekly basis, will make you want to wrap your suitcases right now and put on your Indiana Jones’ attire. The ideas presented in different angles (Travel, Xtreme Sports, Underwater, Nature) are all illustrated by videos made by Nicolas, the author, who had tested by himself each of these experiences to bring you the best...

CameraOnBoard , it is also a Smart & fun approach ; Fun of Adventure and a lifestyle completely shifted. But what does adventure mean, in fact ? Found in the dictionary:

Adventure, f. n.

    • Meaning 1: Event unforeseen, extraordinary, astonishing.
    • Meaning 2: Love affair.
    • Meaning 3: Risky affair.

Synonym : fitted, odyssey, expedition, amourette

A meaning for everyone, your own meaning, as long as it makes your heart beat, and she recalls you, that you’re alive…

The categories

Trips by destination : You will find maps by continent, for a walk through the site by geographical approach.

Sports Xtrem : You will find a ranking of sports outdoors tested (Waves & Sails, Caving & Spelleology, Climbing, Motor Sports, Air Sports …)

Underwater : You will find classical ideas, but also original and offset for underwater adventures. The point of rendez vous for divers, in fact!

Wildlife : You will find wildlife trips, safari, animal sightings for fans of the great outdoors and nature.

The Author

Nicolas, author of is a french (and parisian) modern adventurer. Engineer, graduated as an archeologist, he practices several outdoor sports like diving or climbing, and is federal initiator in powerlifting. Its human differences and work experience led him to love Adventure, discovery and lifelong learning .

His best memories : diving with very friendly turtles in the Caribbean, sharing unforgettable moments with her fellow adventure, see the icebreaker back after 10 days autonomous in Arctic.

The worst : being hit in the back by a grouper (not knowing that it’s a grouper) in the middle of a school of sharks in South Africa, being “forgotten” in the Egyptian desert at dusk.

Something bad ? Not too by chance: a sprained ankle parachuting, a torn hamstring paramotor (really!), a piece of bone lost on the shin in Spitzberg (thank you Patrick), an open cheekbone (thank you Patrick, again). : 1000 idées d'aventures et de voyages autour du monde, en vidéos. L'oeil du Voyage avec les moyens du bord.