#437 : Meeting the King Bluetooth, foundator of the realm of Denmark

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#437 : Meeting the King Bluetooth, foundator of the realm of Denmark

dkIdea #437 : Visiting the tumuli of Jelling


Situated in the center of the peninsula of Jutland, Jelling was a royal monument under the reign of Gorm and his son Harald, know Under the nickname ” blue tooth “, in the Xth century. It is possible that this site had existed before. The site is constituted by two tumuli, of 70 meters in diameter and 11 meters high.

After the introduction of the Christianity in Denmark and integration of Norway in the country, Harald “Blue Tooth” celebrated his ascent by setting up a stone between both tumulus and by building the first wooden church to Jelling. The big runic stone is exactly situated halfway both tumulus. On its engraved inscription, under an interlaced Scandinavian dragon, we can read: ” King Harald wished the construction of this monument in memory of Gorm, his father, and of Thyra, her mother, because Harald conquered all Denmark and Norway and returned the Christian Danes “. On highly-rated southwest of the stone, we can see the previous representation of the Christ in Scandinavia, with an inscription relative to the conversion of the Danes in the Christianity between 953 and 965. The position of origin of the other runic stone, the neighbor of first and smaller, is not known. On an inscription, we can read to it: ” King Gorm built this monument for his wife Thyra, ornament of Denmark “. A small very simple church in whitewashed stones is present on the same site as previous three wooden churches, all three destroyed by fires. In 2006, excavations revealed the existence of a surrounding wall around the building.

Marking the beginning of the conversion of the Scandinavian people in the Christianity, tumulus, runic stones and the church of Jelling are remarkable demonstrations of an event of an exceptional importance. The site is exceptional in Scandinavia and in all Europe, and the site is registered on the UNESCO world heritage list.


Where is it?

Jelling, Denmark.

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