# 347: Watching the largest river turtle of America

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# 347: Watching the largest river turtle of America

fr Idea # 347 – Observing the Podocnemis turtles of Guiana

Podocnemis is a kind of aquatic tortoises of the family of Podocnemididae. She is also called Arrau, Arran or Tortoise tartaruga. This species of tortoise meets in Brazil, in Bolivia, in Colombia, in Ecuador, in Guyana, in Peru and in Venezuela. Considered as the biggest tortoise of river in South America, it possesses a flattened shell, of olive green color with brown; she can measure up to 1 meter and can weigh up to 90 kg. Males are generally smaller. Let’s go, we are going to see  it !


This is where?

Guyana, France

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