#397 : Exploring the Mangrove in Sri Lanka

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#397 : Exploring the Mangrove in Sri Lanka

Idea #397 – Exploring the Mangrove in Sri Lanka

The mangrove swamp is an ecosystem of maritime swamp including a grouping of specific vegetables as palétuvierrs, developing only in the foreshore, that is the zone of balance of the tides of the low coast of the tropical regions. These particular circles get resources important for the populations living on these coast. Numerous fishermen create fishponds or systems of sieves intended there to hold fishes in areas of peaches. If the wet zone is rich alive, it’s the same of the ground and air zone: varanuses, salamanders, monkeys, birds, find a welcoming, feeder and protective environment there. And because we are afraid of nothing, we tried the fish spa with fishes of an unreasonable size.


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

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