#378 : Following the Jackals’ track

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#378 : Following the Jackals’ track

lkIdea #378 – Observing Jackals in Sri Lanka

Jackals are blood relatives of the dog and the wolf. They populate the woody regions of Africa and Asia. As much hunters as necrophages vultures, they often attack, in band from 5 to 20 individuals, gazelles. Three sorts of Jackal were identified, quite more at least of the same size, is one meter long, head and included body, for a 14 kg weight. The gilded jackal or the Indian jackal (Canis aureus), frequent in North Africa, in Asia and in the southeast of Europe, possesses a coat ” yellow dirty “. Widely spread, he lives around the human houses. It occupied an important place in the Egyptian mythology, where we see it regularly represented with divine attributes. We observed it in the natural reserve of Udawalawe, at dawn. 


Where is it ?

Udawalawe Natural Park, Sri Lanka

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