#352: Visiting the city of Cayenne and its mythical fort

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#352: Visiting the city of Cayenne and its mythical fort

frIdea #352 – Visiting the city of Cayenne and the fort of Ceperu

Cayenne is a French municipality, an administrative center of the Guiana, situated in the edges of the estuary common to the river of Cayenne and to the river of Montsinéry, the city occupying a part of the island of Cayenne. The history of the city of Cayenne begins on November 27th, 1643, when Charles Poncet de Brétigny, lieutenant-general of king Louis XIII, accosts with 300 men in the handle of Armire and establishes the Cépérou fort, on a small mound in the swampy littoral plain, where lives Amerindians’ Galibi tribe. In 1654 the Dutch people occupy the region; in 1674, the French people take back  Cayenne, before being chased away again two years later by 400 Dutch soldiers, landed by 11 warships under the command of admiral Binckes. Louis XIV orders then the vice – admiral of Ponant, count Jean II of Estrées, to take back Cayenne, what is made on December 21st, 1676, after a battle remained famous. A prosperous period settles down then on the colony. The Jesuits settle down in Guiana by creating plantations of cocoa, coffee, cotton and manioc. In 1821, the architect Sirdey draws the current plan of Cayenne, with its streets with right angle directed according to cardinal points. Cayenne becomes a colonial modern capital. On August 11th, 1888, a gigantic fire destroys all the ” old man Cayenne “; there are there only Creole, scattered houses, and the remainss of the fort Cépérou.


Where is it ?

Cayenne, French Guiana, France

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