# 227: Following the footsteps of the Corsairs on the Emerald Coast

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# 227: Following the footsteps of the Corsairs on the Emerald Coast

Idea # 227 – Discover the Emerald Coast, Cape Frehel in Saint Malo

The Emerald Coast is the name given by Eugene Herpin at sea located between Cape Freels, Cancale, because of its color. Cape Freels is a bird sanctuary and one of the most impressive headlands of Britain : the cliff overlooking the sea about 70 meters. A path between heather and gorse, integrated GR 34 , toured the course. On a clear day one can distinguish the Channel Islands of Jersey. The old lighthouse, in granite, was built in 1701  by a disciple of Vauban. A little further, it is possible to visit the castle of Fort la Latte, located at the tip of the same name. It is one of the most famous castles in Brittany, remarkable for its location on a rocky point, facing the sea ; built in fourteenth century and remodeled several times, it was the used as decor in many films. Finally, your could end your journey in Saint Malo, the most historic town visited of Britain. Its walls have experienced great sailors and pirates as Jacques Cartier who discovered and explored Canada, or  corsairs like Duguay Trouin and Surcouf . A nice visit, with beautiful walls … we, we love it!


Where is it?

Emerald Coast, Brittany, France

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