#225 : Walking on water … in Flyboard

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#225 : Walking on water … in Flyboard

Idea #225 – Testing Flyboard

The Flyboard ® is a French invention, consisting of a crossing between the wakeboard and the kitesurf. This extreme sport allows you to steal above the water, to plunge there and to realize the most extravagant acrobatics, freed from any gravity. Its functioning is simple: imagine a board of wakeboard provided with two buzzards connected with the turbine of a jetski by a 20 meter pipe which redirects the pressure of water up to the board … The height to which you can amount depends on the power of the jetski. A power of 130 CV allows to reach a height from 3 to 5 meters whereas a power of 250 CV allows to rise up to 15 meters. The use of helmet and the lifevest is compulsory, allowing in particular to weaken the shocks in the landing or in the fall. In half an hour, it is possible to know how to come out of the water, fly and go. May be, you will manage to look like the dolphin jump … Watch out, that cleans sinus !!


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Erquy, Brittany, France

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