# 201: Diving with devil Rays in Princess Alice Bank

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# 201: Diving with devil Rays in Princess Alice Bank

Idea # 201 – Diving with devil rays in Princess Alice Bank, in the Azores

The Azores are a collection of volcanic islands, ainsi also includes seamounts, as Banco Princesa Alice, located in 93 km from the island of Pico and 83 km from the island of Faial. The “Sec” (pick) has a minimum depth of 35 meters surrounded by deep open water particularly clear and cold. It allows to observe a incredible biodiversit, providing sometimes a barrier to underwater species coming from a deeper horizon, which are forced to cross up towards the surface.

Among the species present, the ray Mobula also known as the sea devil, has a wingspan between 2.50 meters and 3.50 meters, with two straight, thick and rather sharp horns. Some rays of this species can even reach 5 meters ! The ventral side of the Mobula is white previously, gray posteriorly. They often move in groups, in a magical cloud. Come on, and admire the ballet!


Princess Alice Bank, Archipelago of the Azores, Portugal.

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