#141 : Visiting the city of the Great Tree

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#141 : Visiting the city of the Great Tree

Idea #141- Visiting Doha and the emirate of Qatar

Qatar is an emirate of the Middle East, situated on a small peninsula advancing in the Persian Gulf, and bound in the Arabian Peninsula in the South, where it possesses a ground border with Saudi Arabia. Having been dominated by the Persians during thousands of years then more recently by Bahrain, the Ottomans or still the British, Qatar becomes an independent State on September 3rd, 1971. Before we discover it some oil, Qatar was essentially a region of fishing and culture of pearls. The oil brings in Qatar 80 % of its income in the export and constitutes 2/3 of the recipes of the country.

Doha (Ad-Dawha or ad-Doha, literally “the big tree” or “the sticky tree“) is the capital of Qatar. Situated on the Persian Gulf, it possesses a 7 km ledge, in the fantastic view. If the old city consists of low buildings, without floor, the new city, populated with a very rich population, is essentially endowed with towers from 50 to 70 floors, in the futuristic architecture.


Where is it ?

Doha, Emirate of Qatar

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