#101 : Flying in hang gliding

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#101 : Flying in hang gliding

Idea #101: Hang Gliding Flight above Annecy’s Lake

The hang-glider or the delta wing is a wing in the shape of delta, autostable during its flight, and which pilots in pendular mode, as an ULM (ultra light motorised). The departure is made on a very oblique plan, by running, until the take-off. Helsd by a belt, you will place then your foot on a trapeze, which will assure you a horizontal position during the flight. A pendular triangle will allow you then to modify your trajectory. If the flight is sensational, the rising of speed also, because the trajectory of the delta is a little bit like the one of a paper plane. The landing is also precarious as the take-off, and it is not rare to finish  face downward. To make out a will for the sensations of flight §


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Forclaz pass, Haute Savoie, France.

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