# 244: Visiting the northernmost city of the Roman Empire

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# 244: Visiting the northernmost city of the Roman Empire

si Idea # 244 – Visit the Slovak city of Trencin

Trencín is a western city of Slovakia, which have been occupied from the Prehistory. In IIth century BC and Ier century BC, a Celtic oppidum is attested, conquered at the beginning of our era by Germanic tribes, Quades and Marcomans. The Roman armies gain control of the site, as shown by a monumental inscription of 179 AD. Visible on the bottom of the rock of the Trencín castle. It constitutes then the most northern city of Roman Empire, for countries of the Eastern Europe. During the period of Big Moravia, Trencín remains an important city, before being absorbed little by little by the Kingdom of Hungary. In the XIth century, the castle becomes the capital of the Comitat de Trencín, which controls the average valley of Váh. In 1335, by the Trencín treaty between king of Hungary Charles d’ Anjou, king of Bohemia Jean de Luxembourg, as well as king of Poland Casimir le Grand, Poland gives up “for ever” in Silesia to the advantage of the Kingdom of Bohemia, bringing a durable peace. In 1704, Trencín is the theater of confrontations between the armies of François II Rákóczi, which control the country, and the imperial army which defends the fortress. Following the dissolution of the Empire of Autriche-Hongrie, at the beginning of November, 1918, the city is occupied by the Czechoslovak army. Under the administration of the communist Party, this citborder knows a considerable population growth and suburbs cover themselves with bars of buildings and a part of the historic center so disappears. The revival of the city center begins in 1990, and since 1996 the city becomes an adminsitrative center, within the Trencín district. It is not completed yet, but that becomes interesting. Go, we climb on the castle.


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Trencin, Slovakia

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