# 63: Diving in the darkness

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# 63: Diving in the darkness

Idea # 63: Night dive in Hurghada (Egypt)

Diving at night, it’s a differently to dive. Visual cues are absent, much more pervasively present sensations, and fears stronger. You’re never really sure what we’re going to meet… after you have thrown into the water in the dark , you try to follow your dive group as seen in the beam of your lamp the nightlife that is organized and swarming. An opportunity to meet species, or more likely, such as rugs urchins, crustaceans, jellyfish … and all those that we have not seen ( and following us …?).


Sites tested

  • Night dive in Hurghada (Egypt)
  • Night dive at Port-Cros (Var)

Where is it?

Hurghada, Egypt

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