#511 : Visiting Jvari monastery in Georgia

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#511 : Visiting Jvari monastery in Georgia

Idea #511 – Visiting Jvari monastery in Georgia

The monastery of Jvari, or Djvari (in Georgian: ” Monastery of the Cross “) is an orthodox Georgian monastery of the VIth century situated near Mtskheta. According to the legend, the evangelist Saint Nino, having converted king Mirian III of Iberia to the Christendom, raised a big wooden cross on the hill, in place of a heathen temple. The cross would have operated the miracles and thus brings numerous pilgrims coming on the site from all the Caucasus.

Around 545 BC, a small church was set up on the rests of the wooden cross;  It was replaced by the ” Big church of Djvari “, built between 586 BC and 605 BC by prince-primacy Stéphanos Ier of Iberia. The importance of the complex of Djvari grew up and attracted numerous pilgrims. At the end of the Middle Ages, the complex was protected by a wall. During the Soviet period, the monastery was included in the ground of a military base, with a prohibited access. After the independence of Georgia, the monument was restored and becomes again the first place of pilgrimage of Georgia. Jvari is registered, with other monuments of Mtskheta, on the UNESCO world heritage list.


Where is it?

Jvari Monastery, Mtsketha, Georgia

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