#419 : Slipping down the Cerro Negro in volcano boarding

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#419 : Slipping down the Cerro Negro in volcano boarding

niIdea #419 – Riding down the cerro negro volcano in volcano boarding

Cerro Negro is a volcano of the mountain range of Maribios in Nicaragua, in approximately 10 km of the village of Malpaisillo. It is the youngest volcano of Central America, its first eruption having taken place in April, 1850. It consists of rocky basaltic cone of scorias, what contrasts strongly with the surrounding green hills, and it is why it is named “Black hill”. The volcano knew approximately 23 eruptions, what makes it the most active volcano of Nicaragua. Its last eruption took place in 1999. The unusual aspect of some of its eruptions stays in the emission of ashes at the top of the cone whereas the lava springs from splits on the base of the volcano. The cone being largely constituted by ashes, it was thus possible to go down on a sled tinkered for the opportunity, composed by a wooden board with holds, doubled by a metallic plate, equipped with a rope to make piloting easy. The reached speed can be rather correct, and the effect guarantee. Be ready to eat peebles and sand !


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Volcano Cerro Negro, Leon, Nicaragua

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