#349: Observing the spider monkeys of Guiana

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#349: Observing the spider monkeys of Guiana

frIdea #349 – Observing the spider Monkey

The common spider Monkey (Spider monkeys paniscus) is one of the family of the atélidés which lives in South America. It is also called spider Monkey, Spider monkey with red face, Coata, Spider monkey coaïta, or Kwata in Guiana. The spider monkey weighs from 7 to 14 kg and measures until 63cm, without counting the size of its tail; it is a diurnal and tree-dwelling monkey living in the canopy of the primary forest from the Amazon to the Guiana. Helped by a long prehensile tail from 71 to 90 cms which is also of use to him as pendulum during its precarious jumps, he is the monkey the most agile and rapids of South America. He can also run on all fours along branches or to the ground. Spider monkey live and move in matriarchal groups of some individuals, five on average, sometimes reaching about twenty members, led by experimented females, evolving on vast forest territories. Males are generally aside. To defend their territory, they can break branches and throw them on animals or human beings who are on the ground. This monkey is unfortunately more and more threatened by hunters and deforestation.


Where is it ?

Guiana, France

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