#342 : Observing the agoutis of Guyana

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#342 : Observing the agoutis of Guyana

frIdea #342 – Observing the agoutis of french Guiana

Agoutis, of their scientific name Dasyprocta, forms a kind of rodents which includes ground mammals of tropical America. It was described for the first time in 1811 by the German zoologist Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger. Of medium-size, this animal possesses an almost non-existent tail, short ears and back legs much longer than those front, what allows it to make a 6 meter jump easily. Its fur is brown going up to the red. The agouti lives in the forest and the wooded spaces, in a group or only. Its  house is a den, a tree trunk or a rudimentary nest in the thick herbs. The agouti feeds on roots, on leaves and on fruits, and buries its reserves in the ground, in anticipation of bad days.


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Where is it ?

Îles du Salut Islands, French Guiana, France

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