# 255: Visiting the pretty pearl of Danude

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# 255: Visiting the pretty pearl of Danude

Idea # 255 – Visit of the Hungarian city of Esztergom

Esztergom (in German: Gran, in Slovak: Ostrihom, formerly in French: Strigonie) is a Hungarian city, situated in the comitat of Komárom-Esztergom, on the border between Slovakia and Hungary.It played a very important role in the Hungarian history. From the Xth to the XIIIth century, it was the capital of Hungary. Esztergom was the ecclesiastical capital of Hungary too, the archbishop of the city wearing the title of primacy of Hungary. The Ottomans occupied the town from 1543 till 1683. The attack of the city caused the flight of the archbishop and the momentary deplacement of the ecclesiastical seat. Of the end of the Ottoman occupation in 1918, the city, named Gran before 1867, was a part of the Austrian empire. The Church restores its seat to Esztergom only at the beginning of the XIXth century, return marked notably by the construction of the big neo-classic basilicawith a large central dome, raising about 100 metres high. The Hungarian composer Franz Liszt composed Missa solemnis which was played during its inauguration. The castle, whose history is rich, is registered on the indicative list of the world patrimony of UNESCO. Go, on the Danude banks !


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Esztergom, Hungary

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