# 24: Flying a plane Aquila AT01 at Lognes airport

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# 24: Flying a plane Aquila AT01 at Lognes airport

Idea #24 – Taking control of an aircraft Aquila AT01

Want to see the earth from the clouds ? Take a seat on an airplane as co-pilot or pilot if you have your private pilot’s license. In this report, we piloted a Aquila AT01 light aircraft German tandem, modern design, powered by a  912S 100 horsepower Rotax and having an pitch propeller . Starting from the Airfield Lognes, Seine et Marne, we flew over Provins, a french UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognizable from the sky by its medieval ramparts. We tested an exercise in touch-off of reproducing conditions for approach and landing, before finishing our loop and  coming back to the airfield. Come on, we are flying!


Where is it ?

Aérodrome de Lognes, Seine et Marne, France

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