# 178: Rediscovering the legendary city of Troy

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# 178: Rediscovering the legendary city of Troy

Idea # 163 – Visit of the archaeological site of Troy

Troy (Greek Τροία / Troía ), located in Turkey is the ancient city where has played the legendary war between Trojan and Greek, reported by Homer in Iliad.

To rediscover the site of Troy was difficult. At the end of the XVIIIth century, the French traveler Lechevalier asserted that Troy was the village of Bunarbashi, but the researches were vain. Schliemann did not find itself track of the city in this location, and directed its researches around the hill of Hissarlik. This site is recognized as the very likely site of the mythical city today, and was registered by the UNESCO on the list of the world heritage in 1998.

You feel like dream, walking in the footsteps of Ulysses and Achilles ? Then cross the Dardanelles and just get lost in the mythical ruins. Come on, and explore!


Where is it?

Tevfikiye Köyü Intepe / Çanakkale, Turkey

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