# 156: Diving with the green turtles of Oman

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# 156: Diving with the green turtles of Oman

Idea # 156 – Diving with green turtles to Daymaniat islands

The green Turtle is a marine turtle, present in tropical waters of all the oceans, but more or less rare according to regions. The shell of this turtle is on average 110 cms and the animal weighs between 80 and 130 kg. Certain specimens can reach a weight of300 kg for a length of shell of 1,5 m. It is the fastest marineturtle, which could reach a speed of about 35 kph. She prefers waters little deep and rich in eelgrasses, without being limited there. The adults travel very long distances between herbariums and zone of nesting. Contrary to the other marineturtles, green turtles were observed on beaches, to take the sun as other marine reptiles. In Oman, it is possible to observe it on the islands of Daymaniat, in the North of Muscat, at 1 am of boat approximately. Go, we observe!


Where is it?

Daymaniat Islands, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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