#150 : Diving with ragged tooth sharks

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#150 : Diving with ragged tooth sharks

Idea #150 – Diving in South Africa with ragged tooth sharks

The ragged tooth Shark (Carcharias taurus or Carcharias tricuspidatus) is a shark living in the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It measures generally between 2,5 meters and 2,8 meters, but we observed individuals whose size reached 3,70 m. Its body is massive and lengthened. The back and the sides are grey-brown ; the stomach is more clear, approaching the white. Its big mouth, and its disentangled and hooked teeth, give him an aggressive appearance although this animal rarely attacks human. It feeds mainly on fishes and on cuttlefishes.

The ragged tooth shark lives near coast, in small groups. It is observable to Aliwal Shoal in caves and sheltered zones, where benches group together.


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Umkoomaas, South Africa

Larger Map

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