# 149: Diving on the best site of Daymaniat in Oman

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# 149: Diving on the best site of Daymaniat in Oman

Idea # 149 – Diving on the “Aquarium” best of Daymaniat Islands Oman

The islands of Daymaniat are situated in the Sultanate of Oman, in the North of Muscat, at 1 hour of boat approximately. They consist of a group of nine islands and of numerous submerged rocks. The site of the Aquarium, the jewel of Daymaniat considered as the best site of dive of Oman, is a plateau in an arc which goes back up to 7 meters of the surface with falling downward one up to 28 meters. We go to the latter by a tongue of sand sloping gently. On arrival on the cliff, according to the current, the dive will be made according to ” a right hand ” or ” a left hand “. Sea horses (in 20 meters generally), nudibranches, benches of jack fish, barracudas, plattax, ballistas with red teeth, sharks leopard, sharks bulls, rays, will accompany you during the falling. During return on the plateau, you can observe about ten different species : Yellow mouth, tattooed, streaked, sidereal, and leopard which can achieve 1,5 m large-scale. The turtles are often in produce you, as well as fishes lion and the cuttlefishes Pharaoh who will treat you by their loving parade. Go, we dive !


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Daymaniat Islands, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

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