# 123: Seeing giant Bats for a few Baht

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# 123: Seeing giant Bats for a few Baht

Idea # 123 – See arboreal giant bats in Thailand

The huge ginger Bat (Pteropus giganteus) whose scale is from 1,20 to 1,50 m for a weight of 600 g 1,6 kg is an Asian species of bat, whom we find from Pakistan to China. They group together into trees, by hundreds and sometimes even by thousands, looking like far off sorts of black pods. The place of every ginger bat in the tree is determined by its status in the colony, which is established by confrontation. The most powerful males occupy the highest, the safest places, whereas the weakest bats occupy the lowest, most exposed branches. There are places in the hierarchical order developed well for the sentinels, who are posted to warn the colony when a danger approaches. Their shouts get on of rather far, in the daytime and at night.

In this video, we were able to observe huge ginger bats on the island of Koh Miang, in the natural reserve of the archipelago of Similanes, in Andaman Sea, in Thailand. Batman, we are coming !


Where is it?

Koh Miang, Similan Islands, Thailand

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