#561 : Floating in Dead Sea in Jordan

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#561 : Floating in Dead Sea in Jordan

Idea #561 -Floating in Dead Sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea, in Arabic: Bahr- Lût (“Loth’s sea”), in Hebrew : Yam HaMéla (“Sea of Salt”) is a salt lake of the Near East, shared between Israel, Jordan and Palestine. The place is identified as the Asphaltite Lake in Antiquity. The Dead Sea is the the lowest point of the surface of the globe with a 429 meter height under the sea level in 2015. The water level in the Dead Sea comes down from 1,45 meters a year on average, because of the diversion of waters of the Jordan and from tributaries for the agriculture. These last fifty years, she so lost the third of her surface.

Of an approximate surface of 810 km ², the Dead Sea is fed by the Jordan. While the salinity averages some sea water oscillates between 2 and 4 %, that of the Dead Sea is approximately 27,5 %, that is 275 grams by liter. The density of the water of the Dead Sea, 1 240 kg/m3, is such as a human being can float there. No fish and no macroscopic seaweed can remain in such conditions, what is worth him the name of “Dead Sea”. Nevertheless microscopic bodies, as plankton or bacteria halophiles, develop there normally. In 2011, sources of fresh water were discovered at the bottom of the Dead Sea, which explain besides the development of the other microorganisms not – halophiles.


Where is it?

Dead See, Amman, Jordan

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