# 53: Exploring Scandola Reserve (Corsica)

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# 53: Exploring Scandola Reserve (Corsica)

Idea # 53 – Visit of the sea side of the reserve of Scandola (Corsica)

The so-called peninsula “Scandola” consists of caves and creeks in igneous rocks ; inaccessible, extended over 50,000 hectares, they are home to many seabirds and endemic plants. Access by sea is the simplest. It is also an opportunity to stop in several small very charming ports , such as Girolata . Forward Aboard


to see and visit

  • Scandola Reserve (Corsica)
  • Port Girolata (Corsica)
  • Cove Piana (Corsica)

Where is it?

Scandola Reserve, Corsica, France.

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