# 442 : Visiting Odin’s and Andersen’s City

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# 442 : Visiting Odin’s and Andersen’s City

dkIdea #442 – Visiting the old city of Odense in Denmark

Odense is the third city of Denmark. The city was founded around 988, and is one of the oldest of Denmark. Indeed, according to the legend, a conqueror come from East would have built this city as capital of his future gets worse in Scandinavia. He was named “Odin”, being inspired by the God, whose name he would have taken. The city would so have inherited from the name of his founder, Odense being so the “City Dedicated to Odin”.

Situated on the island of Fionie, Ondense is the home town of Hans Christian Andersen the museum in its house of childhood, and the Danish painter Arthur Nielsen (1883-1946). You can visit also the cathedral Saint Knud d’Odense who welcomes some graves of the Danish royal dynasty. Do not miss the Andersen festival which takes place every year from July till August.


Where is it?

Odense, Denmark

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