#424 : Listenning to a concert of Howler Monkeys in Nicaragua

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#424 : Listenning to a concert of Howler Monkeys in Nicaragua

niIdea #424 – Listenning to Howler Monkeys in Nicaragua

Nicaragua counts four types of monkeys: the Howler monkey, the Monkey Squirrel, the Monkey Spider and Capuchin Monkey. The black Howler monkey (Alouatta carayá) is the most southern and the biggest monkey of America. It is also the most noisy animal of the world, its territorial shout which can be heard in 16 km. Its body is between 65 cms and 90 cms and the tail 70 cms a 90 cms. The male weighs up to 6,5 kg, females 6 kg. The coat of males is black and that of females more clear, color straw. The young males are of the same color as the mother up to the age about 3 years, when the coat darkens to tend to become black as the male adults. The duration of gestation is of 6 months, with only one young at a time. In the birth, the young rest hung on the belly of her mother then begins to climb on the back and to learn to eat and to move only. The animal was very hunted, the babies being resold as pet for some dollars.


Where is it ?

Omotepe, Rivas, Nicaragua

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