#316: Visiting the towers of the safest harbour of the Kingdom

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#316: Visiting the towers of the safest harbour of the Kingdom

frIdea #316 – visiting the Vauban’s fortifications of la Hougue

UnescoThe first one is continental and the second built on an island, both towers of Hougue and Tatihou are raised as two stony sentinels, protecting the natural harbour which Vauban defined as ” the safest of all the kingdom “. Advanced position in the face of England, coast of Cotentin remained indeed vulnerable and the necessity of its protection showed itself crucial, in particular after the battle of Hougue in June, 1692, who had seen the defeat of the vessels of Louis XIV in the face of float Anglo-Dutch. In 1694, Vauban demanded then as a matter of urgency the construction of two towers which would protect, by crossing their guns, the anchorage of boats. The works were led under the orders of the engineer  Combes. These  towers were tronconic, 20 meters high are characterized by their multiple functions : the observation, the shooting in the sea and the communication by signals and are a beautiful example of the military engineering of Vauban. Planned for 40 to 80 soldiers, with tanks and stores, they are designed in a autonomous way, so as to support siege. Up to the Second World War, these towers are going to be integrated into the various strengthened sets  deployed on this coast. The tower of Tatihou is accessible since saint Vaast from an amphibian boat, and the tower of Hougue, includes in a fort of considerable size, was made open to the public since 2008; the semaphore, which is also implanted house there, him, military domain. The group is classified, with the network of the military Vauban’s fortifications , in the UNESCO world heritage. Let’s go, we take the boat!


Where is it?

Saint Vaast la Hougue, Manche, France

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