# 142: Diving in the footsteps of Cousteau Cozumel

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# 142: Diving in the footsteps of Cousteau Cozumel

Idea # 142 – Diving falling on the island of Cozumel in Mexico

Cozumel, an island off Riviera Maya, lined by waters turquoise of the Caribbean Sea, means in Mayan language “country of the swallow“. Formerly, the women went to it to pay tribute to Ixchel, the goddess of the fertility. In 1954, commander Cousteau dived on the cliffs of Cozumel. Very quickly, the site was declared nature reserve. In a water in 27°C, you will discover falling breathtaking, reliefs cut by caves and natural cavities, the whole in a crystalline water. To the program : nurse sharks, turtles, groupers and enormous parrots, fishes of all kinds, troops of fishes safes, huge moray eels, and the biggest spiny lobsters which I have never observed… That the pleasure, commander had some taste !


Where is it?

Cozumel, Mexico

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