#61 : Climbing the cliffs to meet the ibex

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#61 : Climbing the cliffs to meet the ibex

Idea #61 : Climbing up the Via Ferrata Jalouvre in Haute Savoie

The Via Ferrata is a vertical progression sdports, against a rock wall, between climbing and hiking, equipped with specific aid and security  elements  (ladders, …). The level of the courses is listed as in ski, depending on their difficulty, from easy (F) to very difficult (TD). For the regulars, we recommend the Via Ferrata of the mount Jalouvre, in the Grand Bornand, in the Haute Savoie, in France ( level TD ), allowing you to experience the effect of “gas” cliff and meet, perhaps, as it was the case for us, the vultures and ibex.

Elevation: 1560 meters to 1988 meters – Overall length: 800 m eter – Duration: 3h30 to 4h and 1h return


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Where is it ?

Le Jalouvre, Le Grand Bornand, Haute Savoie, France

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