# 60: Diving under the ice of Tignes Lake

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# 60: Diving under the ice of Tignes Lake

Idea # 60: Diving under the ice of the Lake of Tignes

To dive under ice, you need to immerse yourself in a frozen lake (Tignes in our report), equipped with a drysuit, wearing a complete mask, a regulator antifrosting and some accessories to this activity. A hole picked in the ice will give you access to water, and a  rope is used as security, to be sure to find the exit hole (that would be a shame …). Little life, odd sensations, many breathlessness due to altitude (and 15kg of lead that balance the dry suit), provides this type of diving experience apart and original . The surface mounted, facing the ski slopes is quite surprising, but unless the technique of “seal” out of the water …


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

Tignes, Savoie, France.

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