#522 : Visiting Chișinău the capital of Moldova

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#522 : Visiting Chișinău the capital of Moldova

Idea #522 – Visiting Chișinău the capital of Moldova

The city of Chisinau is the capital of the republic of Moldova. It is an important industrial and tertiary area. The city of Chisinau is quoted in the historic texts from 1420, built probably at the foot of a wooden fort, known under the name of Kis-Jeno. During the XVIth century, the city remains a simple village, without big interest, much less developed than those of Orhei, Tighina, Lapusna, Soroca or Hotin.

The development of the city began really only in the XVIIth century. In 1789, the city of Chisinau knew the third fire in 50 years, causing the migration of a part of the population to Buican. In 1812, by the treaty of Bucharest, Moldova was cut in two, a part being integrated in Romania, the other part in the Russian Empire, with how capital Chisinau, under the Russian name of Kishinev. The city was enlarged, by the fusion in particular of 5 municipalities, allowing the construction of a city in checkerboard, populated state employees and Russian servicemen, of Ukrainian workers, German and Polish craftsmen, and Armenian and Jewish storekeepers. Bernardazzi will have been one of the main architects of the new city. During the XXth century, the Russians build barracks, administration buildings, cathedral, and railroad intended to sell farm produces towards Odessa.


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