#519 : Visiting Paris Air Show

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#519 : Visiting Paris Air Show

Idea #519 – Visiting Paris Air Show

The International fair of the aeronautics and the space of the Bourget’s airport (SIAE), more known under the name of Paris Air Show, is one of the most important international show of aeronautical and spatial equipments and aircraft. It takes place every two years at the airport of Le Bourget, at the northeast of Paris, and constitutes the first meeting of the world for aircraft industries.

Theshow includes professionals days and general public days. The aircraft manufacturers often present their most recent aircrafts in flight show. We have had a very pleasant time with the flight demonstration of helicopters Tiger and of fighters Rafale.
To know more about it:: www.siae.fr


Where is it?

Paris Air Show, Le Bourget’s Airport, France

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