#48 : Climbing down the Drevenne without emergency exit

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#48 : Climbing down the Drevenne without emergency exit

Idea #48 : descent of the canyon in the Vercors Ecouges

For confirmed Practitioners, we recommend the descent of  the Gorges de l’Ecouges, in the Vercors, in France. This course will offer an uninterrupted sequence of cascades watered, handrails,  siphons, sinks, holes… Remember, once engaged, there is no escape from the descent! For a spot more accessible for beginners, see pin # 58 on the Richiusa.

The descent on both sides of the Drevenne:
Length: 800 + 1000 meters – Elevation: 260 + 200 meters – Highest waterfall: 65 + 28 meters. Overall technical level: not very – Length of downhill: 3:00 + 2:00


Some Pictures

Where is it ?

The Ecouges, Saint Gervais, Isere, France.

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