# 344: Observing the red legged turtles of Guiana

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# 344: Observing the red legged turtles of Guiana

fr Idea # 344 – Observe the “coal” turtle of Guiana

Chelonoidis carbonaria, said red-legged coalmining Tortoise, is a species of turtles, that we can meet in Central and equatorial America. She is called in jabuti Brazil, jabuti-piranga or jabuti-do-cerrado and in Lesser Antilles Molokoï. This tortoise has a black, high and long shell, with yellow scales in the center and the relief drawings, the red or yellow scales on the head, the red on legs. Males, bigger than females, are on average 30 cms but can reach 90 cms and weigh more than 20 kg. The plastron of males is concave to facilitate the fertilization. The red-legged coalmining tortoise is omnivore; It eats leaves, but also fruits, snails, slugs, excrement of animals, and carrions. She lives on average 60 years.


Where is it?

Guyana, France

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