# 286: Diving with Basking Sharks

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# 286: Diving with Basking Sharks

gb Idea # 286 – Diving with Basking Sharks in Cornwall

The basking shark is the last non-fossil cartilaginous fish of the genre Cetorhinus and the only current species of the family of Cetorhinidae. Of an average length of 10 meters, being able to reach 12 meters long, this shark is considered as the second biggest fish living at present on Earth, after the shark-whale. Easily recognizable with its high dorsal fin and its distended mouth when it feeds, the basking shark meets in the oceans and the seas moderated, in particular along the coast of Cornwall. This shark, particularly massive, is perfectly harmless for the man. It is however recommended not to try to touch it, because its skin is very abrasive. It feeds mainly on plankton, on seaweeds either on microscopic animals which it absorbs by its very wide mouth. Rather strange, but let’s go !


Where is it?

St Keverne, Cornwall, UK

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