# 173: Swimming with dolphins in the far Atlantic

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# 173: Swimming with dolphins in the far Atlantic

Idea # 173 – Swimming with dolphins in the Azores

To swim with dolphins, it is necessary to arm yourself with a lot of patience : aboard a Zodiac, you will have to follow the bands of dolphins of small sizes (all dolphins are not welcoming with the man in wild environment) and to immerse you as quickly as possible when the dolphins move towards you. Feelings are guaranteed, with a magic meeting ; if dolphins are not in your field of vision, open your ears. As long as you hear their shouts, they are around you… After a few minutes, they will leave, and you will have to go back up on the boat, to follow them by boat. Note that Scuba diving is not possible, dolphins avoid bubbles, because of the vibrations, which assault their senses.


Where is it?

Pico Island, Azores Archipelago, Portugal.

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