#329 : Visiting the most beautiful Broch of Scotland

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#329 : Visiting the most beautiful Broch of Scotland

gbIdea #329 – Visiting the Gurness Broch in Scotland

The broch of Gurness is an antique Scottish fortification, built between 200 and 100 BC in the Orkney. This type of stone construction is typical of this period and of this region; the Scotland would count another 500. The site consists of a complete village, with vestiges of housing environments, builds around a broch, real tower with floor, which rose at the origin of 8 meters. The entrance of the tower opened in the main room, where was the rectangular fireplace. Its double stony wall dry assured it solidity and stability: both walls separated by a space, were connected at regular intervals by big stones. Between both thicknesses of the wall were fitted out small cells and a stony spiral staircase leading on the next floor up then to the roof. In the subterranean room in which one accèdait by stony steps, was a water tank of water. In houses arranged around the broch, still see each other the location of the central fireplace, niches of arrangement fitted out in stony walls, which are reminiscent of the older housing environments of Neolithic. The village, which accommodated about forty families, was surrounded with three defensive ditches alternating with three banks. Its situation was strategic: the boats which passed in Eynhallow Sound, arm of the sea between Gurness and the islands of Rousay, Wyre and Eynhallow, could not fail be to located. Pictes at first, then Vikings reused this site afterward, as prove by excavations which brought to light a picte house (Shamrock House) and of numerous Vikings objects. Let’s go visiting


Where is it ?

Broch of Gurness, Mainland, Orkney Islands, United Kingdom

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