#588 : Making a harness race on the racecourse of Rambouillet

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#588 : Making a harness race on the racecourse of Rambouillet

Idea #588 – Making a harness race on the racecourse of Rambouillet

The racecourse of Rambouillet occupies a 40 hectare site, adjoining the national forest, offering a track of 1800 meters long. Every year, nine meetings of races of trotters, essentially hitched trot, quarrel in Rambouillet. In harness races, the driver sits on a sulky towed by the horse. The horse has to trot as quickly as possible to reach the first one the finishing line, but it should not break into a gallop on no account into a gallop, at the risk of disqualification. The departure is made by the “volte”, the French peculiarity. The competitors have no place attributed in advance, and drivers have to leave in a synchronized way. The principle is to leave perpendicularly to the track, and when drivers consider that all the harnesses are in their place, they command a quarter of tour the horse to dash on the track. The commissioners throw a countdown and assure the regularity of the departure, helped by laser beams. If the beam is prematurely cut, it is a false-departure. In France, the author of a false-departure is sanctioned by the obligation to leave behind a competitor. If he does not run, he is disqualified. In Rambouillet, we have a chance being able to make a video from the track, in pursuit of horses, behind the vehicle of the commissioners.

With our friendly thanks to the President of the Racecourse.

Where is it?

Rambouillet Racecourse, Yvelines, France

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