#527 : Visiting the old City of Odessa

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#527 : Visiting the old City of Odessa

Idea #527 – Visiting the old City of Odessa

Odessa is a harbour city of Ukraine, on the Black Sea. The city was founded in 1794, ex nihilo, by the Russian empress Catherine II and, actually, attracted from the beginning a considerable number of immigrants of all the Empire and the neighbouring countries. In the XIXth century, Odessa is the fourth city of the Russian Empire, after Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Warsaw. Traditionally, its architecture is more Mediterranean than Russian, very influenced by the French styles and Italian. Odessa is often named “the Marseille of Ukraine”.

From 1803 till 1814, Armand du Plessis, duke of Brogue shoe, having run away the French Revolution, served in the Russian army against the Ottomans. He was governor of Odessa and New Russia, and planned the construction of several districts of the city. This plan in still visible today, as a checkerboard.


Where is it?

Odessa, Ukraine

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