#480 : Exploring the Diri Baba’s mausoleum in Azerbaijan

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#480 : Exploring the Diri Baba’s mausoleum in Azerbaijan

azIdea #480 : Exploring the Diri Baba’s mausoleum in Azerbaijan

Diri Baba’ mausoleum is a site of pilgrimage very well known in Azerbaijan. Placed in front of an antique cemetery, the mausoleum is situated on the road, that connects Baku with Shamakhi. The local legend tells that a sacred character, Diri Baba, would have been buried here and that its body would have been preserved, without any shape of decomposition or change. Many more mythical episodes are also told, what attracts numerous pilgrims and curious, for the XVIIth century.

The construction of the XVth century, austere, consists of a squared building of two floors, covered with an octagonal dome. The building is partially dugin the cliff and cuts by the purity of its lines with the imperfection of the rocky face which surrounds it. The crypt is covered with a vault. We reach the mausoleum by two staircases which follow one another, dug in the rock. An inscription indicates that Shirvanshahs Ibrahim I of Shirvan, is buried there. It is also possible to read to it the mention of year 1402 and also a part of the name of the architect ” the the son of ustad Haji “. This mausoleum remains a masterpiece of the architectural school of Shirvan. The monument is protected by the government as ancient memorial.


Where is it?

Chamakhi, Azerbaïdjan

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