#423 : Exploring the mudpots of Hervideros

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#423 : Exploring the mudpots of Hervideros

niIdea #423 – Exploring the volcanic site of Hervideros

Close to Leon, it is possible to observe craters of mud, spitting some boiling water, accompanied with sulfur émanations. Hervideros of San Jacinto, “the mudpots”, are the surface proof of the passage of a subterranean river warmed by the Telica volcano. The site was studied by the Russian company Intergeotherm, in 1992-1995, with geological investigations and geophysics, and drillings with various depths, with 728 m and on 2339 m, to lead an exploitation of geothermal science. The geothermal field, located in a volcano-tectonic depression, can be subdivided into two main areas : San Jacinto and Tizate. San Jacinto presents a reservoir with temperatures of the order of 180-190°C, whereas the geothermal zone of Tizate offers temperatures of 250 in 300°C. The visit is worth seeing. Watch out, the ground is hot, and if you take out drawn paths, do not hesitate to ask to a child to guide you (1USD!) to avoid an accident. 


Where is it ?

Hervideros de San Jacinto, Leon, Nicaragua

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