# 324: Exploring the Neolithic Heart of Orkney

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# 324: Exploring the Neolithic Heart of Orkney

gb Idea # 324 – Visit the archaeological sites of Orkney Islands

UnescoThe Orkney Islands are situated in 15 km in the North of the Scottish coast. The group of monuments, forming the Neolithic heart of the Orkney, is situated on the island of Mainland. It represents a remarkable testimony of the life in this isolated archipelago 5000 years ago. Established by  exceptionally protected site of Skara Brae, from the big grave with funeral chambers of Maeshowe, from both stony circles in ritual enclosures of Stennes and Brodgar, and from miscellaneous housing, funeral and ceremonial sites, the Neolithic heart of the Orkney is unmistakably a part of the most important neolithic sites of the Western Europe.


Where is it?

Mainland, Orkney Islands, United Kingdom

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