# 234: Visiting the German Transylvania

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# 234: Visiting the German Transylvania

Idea # 234 – Visiting Hermannstadt, the old town of Sibiu

The city of Sibiu and its neighborhood are certainly among places the most visited by all Rumania. It is considered, rightly, as one of the most beautiful and best protected historic cities, not only all Rumania, but also Europe. The old town strengthened by Hermannstadt was saved by the Second World war, and, supernaturally, escaped the inconvenient urbanistic interventions of the regime of Ceaucescu. Sibiu offers, on a total surface not exceeding 80 hectares, a rich palette of monuments of the medieval architecture, the Renaissance and the baroque, and knew how to preserve the spirit and the atmosphere of the past centuries. Sibiu was one of the most important fortified towns of the southeast of Europe. In the course of the centuries, several defensive surrounding walls were successively built around the city, largely in bricks of clay. The high city, in German Oberstadt, are since the modern time the neuralgic centre of Sibiu, and concentrates most of the monuments and the curiosities. It articulates around its three historic places; the Piata Huet (literally ” the quite small place “, the most ancient), the Small Place, and the Big Place, moreover hardly little taken away some of the others. Sibiu can take advantage of a set of museums of big interest, organized in a dozen institutions, which or hold collections of art and painting, is dedicate themselves to the decorative arts, to the archaeology, to the anthropology, to the history, to the industrial archaeology, to the history of the arts and professions, or in the biology. The historic centre is since 2004 in recognized by UNESCO in the list of world heritage. Go walking in the streets !


Where is it?

Sibiu, Romania.

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