# 170: Hanging out with a band of zebras

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# 170: Hanging out with a band of zebras

Idea # 170 – Observing zebras from South Africa

The zebra is an herbivore animal, of the family of Equidae, which is mainly in Central and southern Africa. The common zebras are 1,10 to 1,40 meters in the withers. These animals are characterized by black and white vertical stripes. Scientific works allowed to highlight an original function of stripes : they would allow to protect the zebra against the stings of the tsetse fly, attracted by the view of wide monochrome zones ; for others, stripes would also have a stroboscopic effect on the predators, when a whole herd runs away, making fuzzy the outline of an animal in the eyes of the predators. Finally, it would also seem that stripes serve as camouflage in the shade of trees, where the zebra likes resting. Their predators are mainly the lions and the hyenas. They defend themselves by knocking of clogs or biting and they can reach a top speed of 40km / hour.


Where is it?

Hluhluwe-Imfosi, South Africa

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