# 85: Hiking in the (true) decors of Star Wars

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# 85: Hiking in the (true) decors of Star Wars

Idea # 85 – Hiking in the park of Teide (Canary Islands)

Teide is the highest peak of Canary Islands, and also Spain. Active volcano in the shape of sugar loaf, it peaks in 3718 meters. It is surrounded with a natural reserve exceptionally rich in cash floral, crossed by lava flows and rocky deserts. For information, the site was of use as decor to the movie Stars Wars. That the strength is with you ! Watch out, to reach the peak of el Teide, you have to reserve in advance with the national park. Go, Luc, we arrive, stand firm!


to see and visit

  • El Teide ascent by cable car
  • The Natural Park of Teide (Canary Islands)

Where is it?

El Teide, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

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