# 80: Spending an evening with a Beaver

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# 80: Spending an evening with a Beaver

Idea # 80 – Watching Beavers in the Loire

The beaver is an aquatic rodent who reappeared on the banks of the Loire, a major river in France. In the twilight, you can observe it feeding, building dens, combing hair with its legs, cutting branches and shrubs or simply loafing about quietly, feet in the water (finally, I believe that it is what I saw!). Leave on the meeting of this rodent, it also is to navigate on older boats and traditional tubs of the Loire, or to go back up the river in kayak. A whole program of discovery. To your binoculars !


Sites tested

  • Banks of the Loire (Blois)
  • Banks of the Loire (Saint Dye sur Loire)

Where is it?

Banks of the Loire, Centre, France.

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